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A Word on Resurrection Day

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  • Sharing the Victory 03.08.20

    Here is a replay of WVU-FCA’s “Sharing the Victory” radio program from this morning, March 8, 2020, featuring swimming alum Daniel Rodriguez.

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A Word on Resurrection Day

A Word on Resurrection Day

As an athlete there is always something greater to achieve. Whether that is making the starting lineup, getting drafted, or even setting world records-- there is always something more. The narrative of this fallen world is that reaching your goals, making more money or garnering fame will finally fulfill that longing deep within your soul for purpose.

Each day we throw all our hope into the next best thing, storing up treasures and achievements; however we live with this looming cloud over our lives which is the inevitable fact that death threatens to take it all away from us. Every glory ever won, status achieved or cent we've earned is at best a diversion from the inevitable. We live in a world of hopelessness and no-one wants to talk about it.

 We live in a world that is unfair: where injuries threaten to steal our dreams, where teammates and coaches cut you down with their words, where pain and sorrow are never far behind. We live in a world where we make mistakes, where who we are is not always who we want to be, we let people down, or get caught up in a web of sin and lies that we feel we can never escape from. 

The list goes on and on. I don't think I have to use too many words here to convince you that the world we live in is far from what it should be. From the beginning of time the narrative of the world has remained the same and the heartbreak and sorrow has continued. 

But what if there was a different narrative, a story that offered us something different, that offered us hope. What if there was an event we could point to in human history that rewrote the script of death and sin?

The Resurrection is simply that. It is an invitation into a different narrative. It asks us as humans to entertain the belief that maybe death doesn't have the final say. It is a story that says who you are is not who you have to be, that your mistakes don't define you. It is an event that beckons us into a hope that goes far beyond money or fame, or a professional athletic career, it is a hope that extends even beyond the grave. 

We here at WVU-FCA believe whole heatedly in the promise of the Resurrection. It is a narrative we desire our athletes to walk into and live out. We want each person who walks through the doors of WVU-FCA to know that injury does not have the final say, disappointment, hurt, failures, do NOT have the final say. Jesus of Nazareth had the final say 2,000 years ago when He rose from the dead. Where Sin has written death on our hearts, Jesus desires to write ALIVE! 

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