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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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    Follow: Pray This past week at WVU-FCA huddle we continued to unpack what it means to be a follower of Jesus and this weeks topic was PRAYER!Prayer is one of the "duties" of Christianity. Much like reading scripture or going to church prayer has become a religious box that we check each day to say that we've completed the task, so to speak. We recite prayers like "The Lord's Prayer" before competition or say grace before a meal, but is that really all prayer is i...  Read More...

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    The ministry of WVU-FCA consists of not only employed chaplains but a group of faithful student leaders. These leaders work tirelessly to make FCA huddle all that God desires it to be. They are ambassadors of WVU-FCA and the Gospel to their teams and peers, a job they do not take lightly. Our leaders challenge themselves and are always seeking to know Jesus even better.   Read More...

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    Follow: John 12:26After a long and much needed Christmas break, the athletes are back for the 2017 Spring Semester, and that means WVU-FCA is back as well! We had our first huddle of 2017 this past Monday and introduced our new semester theme!Last semester WVU-FCA journeyed through the idea of Rise, what does it mean to rise up in the tough times and serve God with your life, but also in your sport. We walked through verses in scripture that packed a powerful punch like Joshua 1:9, and challenge...  Read More...