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Rise: For the Love of the Game

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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  • Sharing the Victory 03.08.20

    Here is a replay of WVU-FCA’s “Sharing the Victory” radio program from this morning, March 8, 2020, featuring swimming alum Daniel Rodriguez.

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Rise: For the Love of the Game

Rise: For the Love of the Game

Monday Night Recap:

Last night was our second to last FCA Huddle of the Fall Semester, and we kicked things off with a game called "The Whisper Challenge". In this game one team member has extremely loud music playing in their headphones and they are trying to figure out what their other teammate is saying to them. As you can imagine there were plenty of hilarious moments!

After the Whisper Challenge one of our leaders (Whitney) shared her testimony with the group. She told everyone about how she has come to find an eternal peace in Christ. Through all the changes Whitney has experienced in her life, she is learning to choose the stillness of a walk with God over the fear and anxieties this world can produce. She shared two verses about Gods peace with us; John 16:33, and Psalm 46:10. 

Whitney also told the story of how her and fellow FCA leader Averee became friends.Averee gave Whitney a ride home from class one night and listened to Whitney's struggles. Averee introduced Whitney to the only true answer, Jesus Christ, and from that moment on Whitney chose to pursue a relationship with her Savior. One simple gesture of kindness and love changed the course of Whitney's life forever. 

Rise: For the Love of the Game

Being a D1 athlete is hard. There is just no way around that fact. There are days when every ounce of energy has been drained from your body. You are physically, emotionally, and mentally spent.  Coaches are demanding something from you, professors are demanding something from you, fans are demanding something from you and you are demanding something from yourself. 

You can become so entrenched in the daily grind of being a collegiate athlete that you forget why you are even here on the campus. Why did you come to this university in the first place, why do you put your body through this punishment everyday? The truth is you can quickly forget the passion that once drove you to pursue D1 athletics. There was a time when you loved the game, when you loved pushing your body to the limit just to see what you were capable of, but that time has passed and now you don't even know if it's worth it. 

The world of college athletics is unforgiving, and most athletes stories do not end in National Championships, broken records, or dreams fulfilled. If you are defining yourself by your athletic achievement you will quickly find yourself hating the game, and resenting the very God who gave you the beautiful gifts that have gotten you this far. 

Psalm 118:24 tells us that "This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." What a beautiful thought. While every day is not perfect and many are filled with struggle, God tells us we stiill have reason to rejoice! 

On the tough days of D1 athletics, on the days when you have ice taped to your knee, unsure of why it's hurting and you're on your way to class worried your season might be over,  you can rest assured that your purpose remains unchanged. God has plans for your life far beyond athletic success. If you know Jesus Christ you know joy, and you have the amazing privilege of radiating that joy and hope to those on your team. 

God has a purpose for you being here at this University and competing for your team. If you are weary with life today, rest assured God created this day, and there is rejoicing available to you! Pray that God would reveal His purpose in placing you at WVU and on your team. God never does anything without purpose or intent and that includes creating you with your athletic abilities and giving you your position on your team. Worship the God of purpose by living each moment here as a WVU athlete with purpose and love. 

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