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Semester Recap

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Semester Recap

Semester Recap

WVU-FCA Semester Recap: Hope Always Comes

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than hope that comes. 

Like in a movie when the villain has the upper hand, he's destroying the entire city, and the people feel all hope has been lost, when suddenly.........out of nowhere, the super hero comes swooping in with just enough time to destroy the villain and save the day! 

We love those kind of movies! Why?--because we love when hope comes! 

For WVU-FCA the Fall 2016 semester was looking pretty hopeless. The semester was one giant cloud of unknowns and uncertainties as God was moving pieces around in our ministry. 

Who would be our new Men's chaplain? How would WVU-FCA function with the loss of some key leaders who had graduated? What were we supposed to teach to these incoming athletes? Are we listening to God and following Him like we should in this uncertain season? Are we truly living out our Mission and Vision? 

The questions were real and heavy upon our hearts and minds throughout the entire summer, and we prayerfully attempted to answer each one. We hired a new Men's chaplain, we welcomed new leaders, and we planned out lessons for the fall. All that was left to be done was hope. 

We were hoping for God to come. We had no guarantees about anything, we had done all we could do! We knew that for Fall 2016 to be a success, God had to show up, He was our only hope.

And as the Fall semester began to unfold, God came...

As we gathered every Monday night for our Campus Huddle Meeting, and athletes bonded with one another and we became a family-- God came

 As athletes cried on each others shoulders during prayer times, and rejoiced with each other  during praise times-- God Came

As we entered into our monthly board meetings, and there was somehow always enough money to sustain the work -- God came

As we studied The Word in team Bible Studies, growing individually and collectively-- God came

As athletes shared testimonies at FCA events -- God came

As athletes gathered before games/competitions at team chapels to prepare their hearts to play for Christ and not for themselves --God came

As we discipled individual athletes on a weekly basis, preparing them for leadership on their teams and at WVU-FCA-- God came

There was God, ever present, ever faithful, ever good to us. Our hope came, with His mighty hand, breathing life into every part of WVU-FCA this Fall.

As we enter the Christmas season and reflect upon a fall semester filled with Gods glory, we are humbled. This Fall we learned that our God is a God of "coming". 

Just like Christmas Day all those years ago, when Christ came to earth to die for our sins, He still comes today. Wherever we go as a ministry, wherever God decides to lead us, whether rough or gentle seas, we know one thing is for sure after this Fall,...hope will come...Hope always comes. 



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